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Wedding Gloves and How to Wear Them

You heard it here first: gloves aren’t just for Audrey Hepburn and Cinderella anymore.

It’s no secret that gloves have been all over the wedding scene in recent years. Wedding gloves are a relatively inexpensive bridal accessory that add a touch of vintage class to any wedding ensemble.

Hannah Hill Bridal Margot Gown

It all started with one of the most iconic weddings of the decade - we’re talking of course about the union of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Beiber in 2018. Hailey wore an incredible all lace gown with coordinating lace gloves and the entire world of future Beliber brides went wild for her.

Sadie Robertson followed suit in 2019 sporting an incredible all satin gown with wedding gloves that truly shook Pinterest its very core.

Since then, we have seen wedding gloves in every corner of the industry. Each set of wedding gloves are as unique as the bride themselves. We’re talking anything from satin to lace, short to long, and pearl to sparkly gloves. So, the question is, are wedding gloves a perfect match for your wedding day?

There are a few things to consider when choosing wedding gloves, so think about these factors when making your decision.

The Dress

The most obvious consideration, but it’s worth mentioning that the dress and gloves do not necessarily need to be a perfect match. The photo below features the Margot gown by Hannah Hill Bridal and a sequin pair of our custom wedding gloves. New to our 2022-23 Spring/Summer collection, Margot is a crepe gown with a bow back detail and a structured bodice. We paired these sequin gloves with her for a pop of sparkle to contrast the simplicity of the gown. The same can be done in reverse - pair a simple glove with a lace or sparkly gown for that eye-catching look!

Hannah Hill Bridal Margot Gown

The Weather

Getting married outdoors in the middle of summer? Maybe wedding gloves on your big day aren’t the best choice (who wants sweaty hands on their wedding day??). That being said, wedding gloves are for more than just winter weddings. Consider wearing them for just your bridal photoshoot and removing them for the ceremony, or just for wedding day events like the first dance or cake cutting. Wedding gloves don’t need to be an all day commitment!

Your Bridal Looks

Will you have multiple looks on your wedding day? Maybe your reception dress will be different from your ceremony gown, or even a fun, flirty gown for dancing and your grand exit. Think about wearing wedding gloves with one of your bridal looks on your big day. Custom wedding gloves can be made to compliment any bridal look!

Hannah Hill Bridal can custom wedding gloves for any bridal look. Contact us for more information about custom gowns and accessories.

Pictured is the Margot gown by Hannah Hill Bridal featuring a sequin pair of our custom wedding gloves. Photos by Abi Noel Photography.

Hannah Hill Bridal Margot Gown

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